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The Impact of Zoning Laws on Housing Development

Zoning laws have a drastic impact on housing development, limiting where certain types of buildings can be built and how they are utilized. As a result, cities experience an array of changes in terms of population density, economic activity, and the overall landscape.

Real Estate Market Forecast for the Next Five Years

The future of the real estate market is one that looks promising for the next five years. With continued demand for more housing, as well as advances in technology and changes in the economy, the market is set for an exciting and lucrative journey.

Affordable Housing Initiatives: Challenges and Progress

From shining examples of successful city-wide initiatives to the everyday struggles of individuals and families, the affordable housing crisis is one of the defining challenges of our time. Looking forward, what will it take to create a real change for those most in need?

Home Flipping: Tips for Success in a Competitive Market

Flipping homes can be a rewarding experience, but it comes with great risks. Here are some tips to help navigate the competitive market and maximize your flipping success.

COVID-19’s Effects on Residential Real Estate Markets

With news from the CDC of more potential isolation periods, the effects of COVID-19 on residential real estate has taken its toll, creating a profound shift in homebuyer preferences from large sprawling urban dwellings to more rural, single-family homes.

Real Estate Investment Strategies for Beginners

New to investing? Here's how to get started: take advantage of low-risk real estate investments by focusing on income-generating properties, developing strong tenant-landlord relationships, and building a diversified portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Office Spaces and Retail

Office spaces and retail locations are more important than ever as businesses look to stay competitive in the commercial real estate market. As the economy recovers, many companies will be looking to expand their reach into these new markets. From booming cities to sleepy suburbs, there is a wealth of opportunities to be had.

Analyzing Home Price Trends in Major U.S. Cities

As national housing trends continue to fluctuate, understanding how home prices in major U.S. cities are developing is essential. Analyzing the factors that are driving change in real estate values may help savvy buyers identify where the best opportunities are.

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